About SydneySiders Express Harmony Chorus

The SydneySiders Express Harmony Chorus comprises around 20 men and women from all walks of life, who love to sing four-part unaccompanied (a cappella) harmony known universally as Barbershop Harmony.

The main aim of the Chorus is to encourage and enjoy the Barbershop Harmony art form, and have fun, therefore, we have a great time on Thursday evenings practicing our craft, followed by the enjoyment of sharing our craft by singing to the community.

Research has proved what we already knew:
"Singing is Healthy"

Our Hobby, is not only fun, but is amazingly easy to learn.  With learning tracks for all our songs, you do not need to be able to read music, or play a musical instrument.
Our Goals:
  1. Sing for FUN
  2. Entertain Others
  3. Contribute to Charity-Currently Oncology Unit at the Childrens' Hospital at Westmead
  4. Looking for Men and Women of all ages to join us
Over the years we have supported the Oncology Unit, Children's Hospital at Westmead, by having sing-outs, concerts etc which helps us pay for music, copyright, costumes etc, we are then able to make a  donation each year to the Oncology unit. Our donations so far, have exceeded $180,000.00